Available to play at events worldwide!

Reasons to book Momo Sakura for your event :

画像の説明Seasoned flautist plays traditional songs from ancient Japan

画像の説明Plays with beautiful kimono costume

画像の説明Will brighten your event with her aucentic style and dedication

画像の説明Based in Japan and available to play at events worldwide



Beautiful Japanese music for your event.


画像の説明Kojo no tsuki (the moon over the ruined castle)
画像の説明Sakura Sakura (cherry blossoms)
画像の説明Hamabe no Uta (song of seasore)
画像の説明Yoimachi gusa (evening primrose)
画像の説明Suki yaki song
画像の説明Ringo oiwake (Apple song from Tsugaru)
画像の説明Haru no ogawa (Spring river)
画像の説明Momiji (Maple tree)
画像の説明Fuyu no seiza (Winter sky)
画像の説明Mura matsuri (village festival)
画像の説明Natsu no omoide (summer festival)
画像の説明Amagi goe (Over Amagi)


Sample movie


In Japan (Saitama or Tokyo area)

Performance time  Solo
up to 40 mins¥70,000
up to 90 mins¥100,000
moreplease ask

Other country

Performance time  Solo
up to 40 minsUS$1500
up to 90 minsUS$2500
moreplease ask

画像の説明For international booking, deposit is necessary.
画像の説明Traveling and accommodation expenses are needed extra.

画像の説明Cancellation fee

Less than 30 days until the event     100%

Between 90 and 31 days    50%

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